Interview with Dr. Peter Biro (Preview)

By Vladimir Nekhendzy, M.D.


Our gest today is Dr. Peter Biro, Professor of Anesthesiology at the Institute of Anaesthesiology, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland. He is an internationally renowned expert on automated jet ventilation for airway surgery and difficult airway management, and has published extensively on these topics.

Dr. Biro is a member of the SHANA Education Board, and currently serves as Treasurer of the European Airway Management Society (EAMS).


Dear Peter, welcome to the SHANA interview room. Thank you for making time to talk to us.

Peter Biro. It is my pleasure! Glad to be here.


Please tell us a little bit about the University Hospital Zurich, where you practice. It is one of the largest teaching hospitals in Europe, isn’t it?

Peter Biro. Yes, it is indeed. The hospital has over 40 divisions and institutes, the Anaesthesiology Institute included (; All the facilities are state-of-the-art, and the hospital has been a leader in a wide range of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. On the surgical side, the areas of particular expertise include cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, neurosurgery, trauma and ICU care. Our hospital has 7 operating units and 32 operating rooms.




How did you start your career in head and neck anesthesia? What generated your original interest?

Peter Biro. It happened largely by chance. In 1990, I was appointed to lead the ENT anesthesia, as we had started moving towards more distinct subspecialization of anesthesia services in our department...



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